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,�w� 7.05 m. / 200g



300mL/3,300JPY 200g/2,420JPY 120mL/6,380JPY

Bring out the original beauty and strength of hair, and make it

soft and shine

while caring for the delicate hair after hair coloring.

0'.7� ty -Free {§�EdVegan

・ HUECAREall line up productsare Vegan/PeTA/HALcAeLrtified. ・ HUE CARE series containers are made from plant-derived environmentally friendly materials (biomass plastic).

<Salon Exclusive Products> Please purchase at handling hair salons. We list the hair salons that we are handing with at the NO3 official website.


T'/Ji.-7-. 1 )- lnstagram @no3jp

www.no3.co.j p



※A g e - a p p r o p r i a t e c a r e


Ama r anth Brown

I t i s a g e n t l e y e t d i g n i f i e s c o l o r . I t c o m b i n e s t h e g o r g e o u s n e s s o f c o o l - t o n e r e d w i t h t h e c a l m n e s s o f b r o w n , c r e a t i n g a d i f f e r e n t a t m o s p h e r e t h a n u s u a l . I n t h e a u t u m n a n d w i n t e r o f 2 0 2 1 , i t i s a l u x u r i o u s a d u l t c o l o r w i t h g e n d e r a p p e a l , a n d w e r e c o m m e n d t h e A m a r a n t h b r o w n c o l o r , w h i c h h a s a n a g e l e s s i m p r e s s i o n t h a t m a k e s t h e s k i n c o l o r l o o k b e a u t i f u l .

Amaranth: A kind of plant that keeps blooming in a lively manner without fading for a long time, s o the flower word is "immortality".


HUE COLOR BASE_10VM: 8 / 0W: 10OR ( 2 : 1 : 10%) OX3% HUE COLOR HIGHL IGHT_12VM: 12NF ( 1 : 1 ) OX6% HUE COLOR LOWL IGHT_6VM: 6 / 0W ( 1 : 2 ) OX3%

③ ②

C o l o r i n g t e c h n i q u e t h a t c a n b r i n g o u t t h e 3 D s h i n e a n d c o n s i d e r a t i o n f o r t h e s c a l p

1.Ef f ec t i ve l owl i gh t i s app l i ed t o t he ha i r f rom t he mi dd l e t o t he end , and comb i ned t o t he t op par t t o c rea t e t he movemen t . 2.For t he new ha i r , app l y 0mm as a who l e us i ng a r i ng comb . 3.App l y wi t h a br ush f rom t he t op t o t he mi dd l e . ( l eav i ng t ime : 20 mi ns )

You can download the POP for the three-demensional hair color "3D color" from here.


※ Introducing in the video.

Mo d e r n I n s p i r a t i o n a n d E d u c a t i o n L e a r n i n g .

B y u s i n g s h a d e f i n d e r t o A I d i a g n o s i s s k i n t o n e a n d b y u s i n g l i v e mo n i t o r t o d i a g n o s i s p e r s o n a l h a i r c o l o r t o m a k e t h e l a t e s t h a i r c o u n s e l i n g p o s s i b l e .

WELLBEING ONLINE publishes videos of various basic theories on "EDUCATION MOVIE". Please also take a look at the information dissemination by NO3 educators, product developers, and ambassadors.

A m b a s s a d o r V i d e o s






■ S E A S O N A L C O L U M N

What kind of hair care do you do every day? Glossy and rich hair is a symbol of beauty, and it may help to keep youthful. So to keep your hair healthy and shiny even after 5 or 10 years, start your scalp and hair aging care now! Glossy and rich hair is a symbol of beauty, and it may help to keep youthful. So start your scalp and hair aging care now to keep your hair healthy and shiny even after 5 or 10 years! When people think about "aging care", it often refers to "skin aging care". It is said that skin aging begins in people's 20s, and when you turn into your 30s, spots and wrinkles would become noticeable and change with your age. And as the hair ages, there are various problems such as swelling, loss of shine and luster, dryness, hair loss, cut hair, dandruff, and even volume loss. Therefore, hair aging care is necessary if you want to stay youthful forever. As a cause of hair aging and hair troubles Because of the decreasing of the metabolism caused by aging, the decreasing of the female hormones, and the aging problem of the scalp itself, etc., sufficient nutrition does not reach the hair, so the hair becomes thin, the elasticity decreases, and the swell becomes anxious. In addition, when exposed to ultraviolet rays, sebum oxidizes and turns into lipid peroxide, which can cause hair loss and gray hair. It is also thought that it inhibits the action of melanocytes, which are cells that produce melanin, increases the risk of whitening hair, and clogs pores to increase hair loss.

And because of the reduction of metabolism, blood circulation in the scalp will be blocked, oxygen and nutrients are challenging to reach the hair matrix cells, and the scalp environment will deteriorate and prevent healthy and strong hair from growing. Relax your scalp and mind with a scalp massage or head spa Let's improve the poor circulation of the scalp and enhance the aging care that prepares the scalp environment with a scalp-specific beauty essence as home care. You will feel cold in the morning and evening in the coming season, and the air will surely dry out. So let’s protect your cuticles, and moisturise and restore your beautiful hair from the damage of the UV rays in summer.

Fo r s c a l p and ha i r wea k ened du r i ng t he s umme r , we r e c ommend a s c a l p ma s s age and p l en t y o f mo i s t u r i z i ng ha i r !

― For healthy hair ― Aging care to start now ※

※ A g e - a p p r o p r i a t e c a r e

■ C L E A N B E A U T Y

Forestock Project

Protect the cycle of forests. It is a history of people's environmental conversation for a long time.

C.L.E.A.N Beauty

In Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture, there are 800ha of artificial forests and natural forests such as Mt. Tatsuganesan, and the vast forest of 170 Tokyo Domes absorbs 3216 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Tatsuganesan in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture. Along with FSC, which protects the environment from illegal and excessive logging, and ASC, which protects marine resources and clean water, it is certified by FORESTOCK to preserve and maintain the forest environment.

Meeting with the mayor of Minamisanriku. We exchanged opinions on industry-government collaboration through FORESTOCK.

NO3 domestic forest conservation activities utilizing "FORESTOCK" At NO3, if you purchase one designated product, we will donate to the “FORESTOCK Project” to save 3 square meters of forest on the behave of consumers, salons, and NO3. There are currently 8 FORESTOCK- certified forests in Japan, and this time, we have covered a FORESTOCK-certified forests in Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture. Minamisanriku is a disaster-stricken area that was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Ten years have passed since the earthquake, and breakwater construction is still ongoing for reconstruction. FORESTOCK in Minamisanriku is making efforts to protect the environment in the wake of the earthquake and protect the abundant nature that will lead to the next generation. NO3 met with the mayor of Minamisanriku and exchanged opinions. The mayor said, "Forests are weakened depending on the land without human intervention, and trees in the land without sunlight die, lose weight, and collapse. By maintaining and managing planted forests, we protect the abundant nature and the local environment. It will also lead to the economy of the town. " The mayor also told us, "The new national stadium where the opening ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic Games was built using FSC-certified wood from Minamisanriku." We felt that the "FORESTOCK Project" activities, which NO3, salons, and customers are working together, protect the abundant nature and lead to our future environment.

■ A / W R E C O M M E N D A T I O N



Sca l p Lot i on 120 m L 2,750JPY ( tax i nc l uded )

I n au t umn , when i t t ends t o be dr y , we recommend a f t er - l o t i on , wh i ch g i ves t he sca l p p l en t y o f mo i s t ure and

l eads t o a hea l t hy cond i t i on .

P l an t - de r i ved i ng r ed i en t s and mo i s t u r i ze r s hyd r a t ed t he sca l p t o imp r ove s ca l p cond i t i on .

S k i n C o n d i t i o n i n g

p r e p a r e t h e " s c a l p "

By mo i s t ur i z i ng t he sca l p , i t can keep t he sca l p hea l t hy and nur t ures beau t i f u l ha i r .

■ W E L L B E I N G S A L O N


L u i 〒 650-0011 4-chōme-10-17 Shimoyamatedōri Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo ベレオリンズ下山手 1F INTERVIEW: representative/Takayuki Naohara Hair salon Lui that provides a relaxing space and keeps you away from your daily life, is near Motomachi, Kobe. And the concept is to make each customer have their own style.

This time, we interviewed Mr. Takayuki Naohara, the representative, about the autumn aging care proposal. Q. The transition from summer to autumn is the period when hair and scalp are prone to damage. So how are you talking about the importance of hair care? A. First of all, I will tell the customers that their hair is actually more delicate than they think. Because of the fact that our customers are mainly in their 20s or 30s, it is becoming sensitive with the words “first gray hair” or “aging”. At the same time, there are still needs for highly-designed operations, so it is necessary to tell the customers that scalp and hair cares are important by approaching this with HUE CARE. Therefore, I will let them know the existence of HUE CARE from shampoo first, and then try to talk to them about scalp care the next time they visit our salon. In addition, since treatments are not just about hair care, I would talk about the HUE COLOR that I’m using and let the customers know the importance of home care and hair care awareness at the counseling stage. In particular, autumn damage is thought to lead to hair loss, so I would like to ask the customer to choose the hair products by considering the chemicals ingredients. Many customers would say, “ Autumn is my favorite season.” And we are proposing styles that customers have been interested in but have not tried yet, or the hairstyles and colors that their favorite as the base and make some arrangements with it. Q. How do you tell the story of well-being, vegan and organic? A. There are almost no customers who have no interest in or no response to certified products. And many of the customers are interested in it, so that we would talk about it during counseling. The new salon spot that will open in August will also have a cafe. We are thinking of incorporating organic foods and drinks into the food and drinks menu. We aim to be a salon that can offer a more general organic service menu to the customers.

■ V E G A N R E C I P E


I n t r oduc i ng a Vegan r ec i pe t ha t anyone can eas i l y make wi t hou t us i ng mea t , f i sh , eggs , o r da i r y p r oduc t s .

Komatsuna and orange vegan juice

Let's make a smoothie with Komatsuna, which is rich in vitamin A and can be drunk refreshingly even in the hot season. With a slow juicer, you can do it in no time. Adding oranges and apples will make the taste milder and easier to drink, making it delicious.

Komat suna 2 bund l es App l e a ha l f Orange a ha l f M i nt l ea ves ( for decor ) 1 l eaf 1. Wash the komatsuna and mint leaves. 2. Put all ingredients except mint leaves in a slow juicer and mix them together. 3. Pour in a cup and put mint leaves on top for the decoration.

m a t e r i a l s 【 f o r 1 p e r s o n 】

H o w t o m a k e

Cooking supervision / Number Three Registered Dietitian: Shibayama

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